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Hi and welcome to Kids Korners. This is a site devoted completely to kids’ games, puzzles, videos and more. We know that as parents, you want to keep your children happy and well occupied so that they are content and learning, but also so that they don’t get into trouble.

Kids Korners is the perfect place for doing this. This site was created with parents in mind, and it was also created by parents. Collectively, we decided that kids were getting online whether we liked it or not. With that being said, we wanted to be able to provide a safe space for them to go online. Not every site offers the safety, security and education potential of Kids Korners. We’re glad you’re here to enjoy kids education with us!

The Learning Corner

The Learning Corner is one of our favorite parts of the site because it offers educational games and activities that kids seem to really love. We have games for every type of child and every age as well.

For example, younger kids who visit the site and have an account maybe interested in playing simple puzzle or colored games. They can color a picture of a famous cartoon character or a pretty scene outside just the way they would color a picture in a coloring book.

For kids who are a little older, we have math games, history quests and other activities that are even more educational and can relate to what the kids are learning at school.

The Games Corner

Of course, every part of our site has games in it, but the games corner is where they all come together. When we talked to kids and asked them what kinds of online and video games they liked the most, we got a great idea about what we should put in the Games Corner. Here, you will find puzzle games, coloring games, painting games and much more.

The Sports Corner

Again, we also have games in the Sports Corner. You will find games for soccer, football, hockey, basketball and more in this part of the games section. Kids can learn the rules to all of these games and many others before they start playing them at school. This is a great way to prepare them for gym class or for a lifelong love of sports.

A Place for Kids and Their Parents

Finally, keep in mind that this site is for parents just as much as it is for kids. We invite parents to logon every once in a while to see what their child has been doing. You can do this easily because it is the parent who must create the account for the child, so they will have access to it as well. You can see how your child is progressing and what they’re interested in.

We hope to see you back here soon as we update the site regularly. With any new information we have, we will also send you an updated email each month.